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En concursos entre los individuos o grupos para un título o un premio, rivalidades profundas pueden surgir – ya sea sobre la búsqueda de prestigio y fama, o por dinero. Empresas se asocia a menudo con la competencia como la mayoría de las empresas están en competencia con al menos una otra empresa para el mismo grupo de clientes. Pero, en general, es en los deportes y los juegos competitivos y carreras que las principales áreas de competencia se producen entre los atletas, equipos, corredores y otros concursantes – y un buen regalo suerte puede significar tanto.

En una competencia como un maratón o triatlón, por ejemplo, sus amigos y seres queridos pueden necesitar toda la suerte que pueden conseguir. Así que porqué no enviarles uno de nuestros regalos inspirados para desearles buena suerte en una carrera, juego, partido u otro evento importante. Muchos deportistas (especialmente de los jugadores del equipo) usan talismanes, amuletos de la suerte, calcetines, etc. ¿Por qué no comprar uno para su amigo y dejar que animarles y ayudar a llevarlos éxito y buena fortuna en su competencia o en el días de su carrera importante, juego o partido?

Scallop shell cufflinks ~ silver + hand-carved jet

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A unique gift with special meaning for a man (or boy) - hand-crafted by artisans in northern Spain

These hand-carved Azabache Jet and sterling-silver cufflinks are in the form of the Concha de Vieira scallop shell of El Camino de Santiago which runs through Asturias in north Spain (where these cufflinks were fashioned) into Galicia and on to Santiago de Compostela (the 'field of stars').

It is said that: "Jet purifies and protects", and in Spain it is known as "la piedra mágica" (the magic stone). It originates from the Jurassic period on earth, some 65 million years ago, in the forests of the northern hemisphere - particularly in northern Europe, and jewellery featuring Jet (Azabache in Spanish) makes an ideal gift for someone starting a new phase in their life: Jet jewellery is said to offer protection and good fortune, and neutralise negative energy to help protect people from fear and indecision. Azabache is quite difficult to carve, and specialist Azabacheros and "grabadores compostelanos" (who have trained over generations in northern-eastern Spain) have made these rare cufflinks.

Pilgrims and other visitors to Santiago de Compostela especially like these cufflinks as a souvenir. Do you want to encourage a friend or loved-one along their spiritual journey through life, or give them something as a reminder of their goals and achievements? Let us send these exquisite sterling silver and Azabache scallop shell cufflinks on your behalf to show them how much you care.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Optional information card about El Camino Way of St James (free)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Info about El Camino:

The 1,000-year-old Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago - in Spanish), criss-crosses Western Europe, arriving at Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain on the Atlantic coast. Some 200,000 people travel the Camino each year from all over the world: Some people walk, others travel by bike. Many travellers choose to do the Camino for personal, rather than any spiritual or religious reasons - taking time out from their busy/modern lives and perhaps finding inspiration along the way, whilst reflecting on their life in a supportive environment. Many carry with them a Scallop Shell symbol like the ones on these cufflinks. Everyone experiences the journey in a different way.

Description: These special sterling-silver and black jet cufflinks are in the shape of the scallop shell / concha de vieira, the symbol of the Camino de Santiago. Shell measures approx 13 x 13mm and the cufflinks close with a hinge.

Read more about Azabache jet on one of our sister websites.

Azabache Jet is popular in jewellery for people seeking a new start in life or a new beginning - for example, after a divorce or relational break-up, or after a loss of some kind. We have also seen it gifted to people embarking on a new career or starting a new job, in order to wish good luck and success in their 'new' life.

Gift these handcrafted and inspirational scallop shell cufflinks to inspire your menfolk. Also suitable as a present for a Christian event like Easter / Christmas, Confirmation and First Communion. Ships gift-wrapped, like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Spain's Concha scallop shell of St James - La vieira concha de Santiago


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