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Aniversario, graduación, Día de la Madre, Día del Padre, una fiesta . . todos los días son especiales. Y cualquier otro evento o ocasión especial como este, se merece un regalo especial y único . . a lo mejor algo un poco diferente.

¿Qué mejor que un regalo para traer buena suerte en este día y para el futuro? . . tal vez un Indalo, or el símbolo del Camino de Santiago: La concha vieira.


¡Felicitaciones! Mis mejores deseos, ¡Feliz cumpleaños! o simplemente ¡Felicidades!

¿Conoces a alguien que podría beneficiarse de algún extra en su día especial?

Enviar sus deseas a un amigo para cumpleaños, una celebración, un aniversario, etc, y hacer que se sientan más felices, más queridos y recordados. Ayuda a tus amigos que tengan un buen día y les desea el éxito que merecen.

Lucky charmstone ~ JOY

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A charm to wish good fortune and happiness

The Indalo symbol is steeped in history and is said to have magical powers to offer protection from harm, and bring good fortune and prosperity. And this lucky Joy charmstone bears the Indalo motif hand painted in red, maroon and gold on the Spanish marble pebble. Perfect to carry in a bag or pocket, or to display on a desk. Coated and sealed for durability. Joy symbolises inner happiness and is a lovely gift to wish success and harmony.

Detail: Approx: 30-40mms

Send our Joy lucky Indalo charm-stone to a friend as a symbol of your wishes for their good fortune and happiness. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Lucky Indalos . .


Charm stones were used by Native Americans for spiritual ceremonies, healing rituals, and to secure a productive harvest. And many a famous person has possessed one (and put their faith in it). In a letter to her brother-in-law, Henry III of France, Mary Queen of Scots wrote, "I send you two stones valuable for your health which I hope will be good, with a happy and long life. I ask you to receive them as a gift from your very affectionate sister-in law in a token of my true love towards you." Barack Obama, ex-US President, has been known to carry good luck charms, along with many hundreds of other well-known people: Napoleon carried one as did Franklin D. Roosevelt. They are also seen in many of the world's major religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and with some of the Australian Aborigines.

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