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FAITH token - Believe in miracles

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A gift of faith . . that could help miracles happen

This token of belief and faith will inspire your friends and loved-ones to achieve their goals - however impossible they might seem.

As Tennessee Williams said: "Luck is believing you are lucky" - and it has been proved that there is power in a thought made concrete by a charm - being a constant reminder of purpose and desire. In other words, it is the thought, the faith, that counts. So whatever your friends and loved-ones beliefs, this token will help remind them of their goals and give them strength as they go about their daily lives. Each one is made from lead-free, cadmium-free pewter that is certified safe.

On the front of the token it says "faith token" and on the reverse "believe in miracles". Also available as a simple necklace: Choose in Options Box

. . a wonderful gift of inspiration, faith and belief to give a friend, colleague or loved-one. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.

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