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Mejórate bien pronto – mis buenos deseos – tenemos regalos con un significado real

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La gente da estos regalos a transmitir sus esperanzas por la pronta recuperación de un amigo o un ser querido, alguien que no se encuentra bien.

Cuando un amigo está enfermo, es un momento preocupante y se siente gran preocupación (y, a menudo, el amor profundo). Los pensamientos de tiempos pasados​​, cuando, tal vez, podría haber permitido a ti mismo para estar más cerca, están a la vanguardia de su mente.

Por lo tanto, un pequeño regalo en momentos como este puede expresar sentimientos que en el pasado usted ha encontrado difícil de poner en palabras.  

Diga con un regalo:

Mejórate Pronto
Buenos Deseos
Hoy le pido a Dios que te dé salud y bienestar
Quiero regalarte una palabra de aliento para que la paz de Dios te sostenga

¿Conoce a alguien que podría beneficiarse de un regalo muy especial – un regalo desde el corazón con un significado real, y algo para animarlos a mejorar?

¿Por qué no tratamos de decirles que realmente importa? Ayuda a tu amigo o amante recuperar su salud por regalar ellos algo realmente especial e inspirador para ayudarles a superar su enfermedad. Haga que sus seres queridos se sienten más entendida, apreciada y protegida, y les deseamos una pronta recuperación.   

St Michael bracelet

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A special gift to wish safekeeping - ideal for people travelling on a journey or in danger

The Guardian Angel to trump all: The Angel of protection: St Michael Archangel

Our exclusive natural leather bracelet features a symbolic St Michael charm neatly integrated into the real leather base to form a handsome and appealing bracelet with meaning. PLUS, there is a silver-plated magnetic "easy-release" clasp fastener which features the Scallop shell symbol of Spain's El Camino de Santiago - said to be one of the greatest journeys in the world.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Optional information card about Guardian Angels (free)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Many people believe in the protecting power of Angels and their ability to bring good fortune to difficult or bad situations . . the so-called Guardian Angel protector - a spirit that watches over and protects a person or place. The Guardian Angel concept has existed for centuries and can be seen in the books of the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament. These books describe God’s Angels as His ministers who carry out His behests, and who are at times given special commissions regarding men.

Of particular note is Saint Michael Archangel - well-known amongst military personnel and police officers. In at least three faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) St Michael is one of the Angels (an Archangel) that is a Protector. He is the patron Saint of the police and soldiers (especially paratroopers), and military / law enforcement people in general. He is well represented in art and culture across the world and is Patron Saint of several cities. He was at one time recognised as the Patron Saint of Cornwall in England - being introduced by the Normans, hence St Michael’s Mount (on both sides of the English Channel).

So this is the ideal gift to wish your loved-ones safety whilst they work or travel . . sending your love whilst they are away - a present with real meaning. It would be ideal for someone engaged in a dangerous occupation like Police or Military, or going on a difficult journey, or even a gap year, a long vacation or a business trip. In addition to any value that the Saint Michael and Scallop shell charm symbols have in themselves, or the religious faith that they might represent, this bracelet can also act as a confidence-builder whilst away from home AND a reminder to be careful when travelling: This can be a powerful aid to staying safe.

Description: This hand-crafted bracelet is made from real leather and is 10mm wide. It fastens with a scallop shell easy-release magnetic clasp.

* Also see our wider BLACK leather version of this Saint Michael bracelet - with tougher clasp (pictured below in the "You may also like" section)

** For length, please select your WRIST SIZE in the drop-down menu

The gift is beautifully packaged and contains an information card about Guardian Angels.

Show you care with this inspirational and meaningful gift to wish someone safekeeping. Comes gift-wrapped (with an information card) like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about St Michael and Guardian Angels . .
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