Regalos de bautizo del corazón con un significado real

Regalos de bautizo / bautismo – regalos del corazón con un significado profundo

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El bautismo es la ceremonia cuando un bebé sea acogido en la Iglesia Cristiana. Agua bendita (bendecido por un sacerdote) se vierte sobre la cabeza de una persona en tres ocasiones – en el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo. Se simboliza ser “nacido de nuevo”. Jesús fue bautizado por su primo, Juan el Bautista, en el río Jordán. Para los católicos, el bautismo por agua es un sacramento de iniciación en la vida de los hijos de Dios.

¿Conoces a alguien que apreciaría un regalo tan inspirador para el bautizo de su hijo o hija? ¿Está buscando un regalo del corazón – un regalo con un poco sentido más espiritual?

Nuestros regalos son regalos que ofrecen el símbolo cristiano de los pescados, La Vieira concha del Camino de Santiago, tréboles cristiana, la Cruz de Santiago, una Cruz de Caravaca – la Vera Cruz, y ángeles de la guarda.    

Shell feel good wellbeing earrings

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Stay Well gift of protection along life's Camino - and on the journey to good health, for a woman, young lady or teenage girl

“Mens sana in corpore sano” is a famous Latin expression implying “a healthy mind for a healthy body” suggesting that, in order to keep fit and healthy we need to look after more than our body: We need to look at our minds.
And the concept of symbolic talismans touches on spirituality and can be seen on a lot of protection and healing jewellery around the world. In the Christian faith for example, symbols of saints, angels and the cross are relied upon for salvation from illness and poor health on a daily basis: Countless people put their trust in a symbol of faith at times of crisis to help give themselves a feeling of wellbeing.

So these little scallop shell earrings would make an ideal little gift of encouragement to wish a friend or loved-one Good Luck on their journey to good health - or on road to recovery: They feature the Camino Shell, made famous by The Way of St James in Spain. Shells are a symbol of protection, re-birth / resurrection . . and of good fortune. In addition, in Christianity, the scallop shell is the symbol of salvation (as witnessed by its ceremonial use in baptism) and, of course, it is also worn by people on the journey of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

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Details: These stud earrings are made of 316L Stainless-steel and measure approx. 9mm x 9mm with a steel post and butterfly end.

Send best wishes to your friends / loved-ones by sending them these meaningful earrings. It would show that you really care about them and their wellbeing. Could also be ideal for a young girl for a Christian event like a Christening or Communion - or someone starting something afresh - making a new start / beginning. They come gift-wrapped, like all our presents (with an information card) - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.



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