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Wellness health-shield necklace with shell ~ slim

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A powerful gift to wish health and wellness

“Mens sana in corpore sano” is a famous Latin expression implying “a healthy mind for a healthy body” suggesting that, in order to keep fit and healthy we need to look after more than our body: We need to look at our minds.

This health and wellness protection necklace combines the protecting symbols of the Shield with that of the Shell, to help lift the spirits and give faith to friends and loved-ones: Shells are a symbol of birth, good fortune, resurrection . . and protection. In addition, in Christianity, the scallop shell is also the symbol of salvation (as witnessed by its ceremonial use in baptism) and, of course, is also worn by people on the journey of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

The Shield is likewise a protector symbol, whether against actual physical harm, or for protection against bad things in general (in a symbolic way): The so-called "Shield of Faith" is well-known in Christian theology.

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Description: This Health-Shield pendant is made of highly-polished stainless-steel and is 28mm long (including the hanging bail), by 19mm wide. It hangs on a fine stainless-steel cable chain which measures 45cm (17.7") in length with a 5cm (2") extender. The attached scallop shell is a bonded 14ct gold-filled charm. OPTION for LARGER shield (possibly more suitable for a Man) - See "You may also like" below

The concept of symbols on talismans and amulets touches on spirituality and can be seen in many representations of protection and healing around the world. In the Christian faith for example, symbols of saints, angels and the cross are relied upon for salvation from illness and poor health on a daily basis: Countless people put their trust in a symbol of faith at times of crisis to help give themselves a feeling of well being.

Gift this unique Health-Shield necklace to inspire your friends and loved-ones to live healthily every day: An ideal way to wish someone good health or to Get Well Soon. Gift-wrapped (with an optional information card) like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


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