Gold-filled Indalo bead bracelet ~ classic on cork-cord

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Unusual and rare piece of Indalo Man jewellery

Help a friend find good fortune with this magical charm bracelet.

If you want to remind yourself, or a special friend or loved-one to be lucky and positive and at the same time let people know how much you care, please have a look at this unique Indalo Man charm bracelet. The Indalo is recognised in south east Spain as a symbol of protection and good fortune, thus making this bracelet a magical piece of jewellery, full of inspiration and charm - a real treasure.

Even today, in the small village pueblos of Andalucía that lie hidden behind the giant sierras that roll down to the Mediterranean shores, the Indalo is known for its good luck qualities.

Description: This delightful bracelet features a chunky Gold-Filled bead with a classic-style Indalo Man inscribed around it. The bracelet itself is made from 5mm dark-brown coloured cork cord which is soft, flexible, durable - and sustainable. (It is also perfect for vegans or others who are not so keen on leather.) The bracelet measures approx 6.75" long - but has an extender chain and so it is suitable for most wrist sizes. Although the bracelet ends, clasp and extender chain are 24ct gold-plated brass, the Indalo bead itself is made from the much more substantial ‘Gold-Filled’ silver (chapado de oro).

Is Gold-Filled the same as Gold-Plated / Vermeil? No, it is much better: Gold-Filled is a layer of solid gold, pressure-bonded into another metal (in our case 925 sterling silver). Whereas Gold-Plating is a very thin layer of gold that is 'plated' onto the surface of a variety of other metals. (Vermeil just means that the plated item is made of silver: Nothing more; it is still just Gold-Plated.) So, Gold-Filled has a much higher value than simple Gold-Plating or Vermeil because it contains a much greater quantity of gold; and is of higher quality because of the way that gold is included: Once termed “Rolled-Gold” it has a long history - although the modern process wasn't patented until Victorian times in England. It is much more precious and tarnish-resistant than Gold-Plated / Vermeil: It does not rub off or flake or change colour. No es baño de oro, sino chapado oro: El chapado que llevan las piezas es de 2,5 micras, lo que equivale a un chapado oro de 23 kilates.

:)- Gift-Wrapped
:)- Free information card (see photo) about the lucky Indalo
:)- Personal message can be added
:)- Rapid shipping

Do you know someone who could do with some extra luck for a special event, or just needs to feel a bit more positive at the moment? Show them that you care with this delightful Indalo bracelet. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents (with an information card about the Indalo) - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


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