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A mixed-metal, silver and gold Indalo Man bracelet - to wish luck and good fortune

In southern Spain you can see the Indalo figure everywhere - like a little guardian angel representing to many, the local saint Saint Indalecio, whom some say was the origin of the Indalo name (and 'Indal Eccius' means 'Messenger of the Gods' in old Iberian). This figure, with outstretched arms holding a rainbow - the Rainbow Warrior, is said to radiate protection, prosperity, good health and wellbeing.

If you want to remind a special friend or loved-one to be lucky and positive and at the same time let them know how much you care, let us send this charming and unique Indalo bracelet on your behalf.

Description: The hexagonal-shaped gold-filled bead features the Indalo Man ("Classic" or "Dancing" style - choose in Options Box) ) engraved around the surface. It hangs on a 3mm sterling-silver snake-chain bracelet which measures 7.25 ins in length and fastens with a lobster clasp. The Indalo bead is enclosed by two black silicone stopper beads to keep it secure on the bracelet.

(Option available for 2 ins extender chain at small extra cost to make the bracelet a bit longer: Please choose in Options box ).

:)- Gift-Wrapped
:)- Free information card (see photo) about the lucky Indalo
:)- Personal message can be added
:)- Rapid shipping

PLEASE NOTE: The ends of the silver bracelet do NOT unscrew, so any additional beads would need to fit over the lobster clasp in order to slide on . . just as we have slid this particular Indalo bead over the end: (Our Indalo bead is a standard-size European-style bead)

Do you know someone who could do with some extra inspiration for an important event, or just needs to feel more positive each day? Show them you care with this exquisite Indalo Man bracelet. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.

Accompanying information card can pass on wishes of prosperity, success and good health.


More information about the Indalo lucky symbol . .


Note about Gold-Filled:
Whereas "Gold-Plated" is only a very thin layer of gold that is 'plated' onto the surface of a variety of other metals and "Vermeil" just means that the plated item is made of silver . . Gold-Filled is a layer of solid gold, pressure-bonded into another metal (in our case 925 sterling silver). Gold-Filled has a much higher value than simple Gold-Plating or Vermeil because it contains a much greater quantity of gold; and is of higher quality because of the way that gold is included: Once termed “Rolled-Gold” it has a long history - although the modern process wasn't patented until Victorian times in England. It is much more precious and tarnish-resistant than Gold-Plated / Vermeil: It does not rub off or flake or change colour.
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