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. . a personal gift from the stars: What does it mean?

This personally-crafted choker wire charm necklace is fashioned according to birth date (see Detailed Images for examples of options/designs).

:)- Gift-Wrapped
:)- Unique to you
:)- Information card about Zodiac Life Path - and the life you were born to live
:)- Personal message can de included
:)- Rapid shipping

The basic necklace consists of an oval, silver-plated wire, strung with Life Path Number beads selected according to your Birthday (see below), plus a sterling-silver Camino charm (although you can change this for a different charm if you want - see Options Box).

a) Enter your Life Path Number or Birth Date in the Options Box. The personalised Life Path Number is calculated using the ancient art of numerology (see below on how to calculate this) and represented by coloured Mediterranean beads (ceramic) . . with the colours taken from the natural spectrum of the universe (as can be seen in a full rainbow).

An information card is enclosed with the gift explaining the calculation and meaning of each Life Path number (see Images here)

b) Then, if you want (and for additional cost (see Options Box)) choose any additional charms: For example:

-A sterling silver disc with the appropriate Zodiac / Astrological Symbol (eg: for Leo, Aries, Scorpio, etc) depending on birth sign

-A sterling silver Constellation disc which shows the position of the stars in a particular constellation for any particular zodiac sign

-A sterling silver Letter charm coincident with someone's name

-A REAL Gemstone birthstone bead - chosen according to someone's astrological star sign of the Zodiac (see below for which gem is appropriate for a particular birth date)

-A sterling silver charm to REPLACE the default Scallop shell: All our Zodiac Life Path jewellery pieces include a small Camino scallop shell charm from the Way of St James (El Camino de Santiago) in northern Spain . . as a representation of someone's journey through life. But, if you want, you can change this for a charm of your choice (eg: Cross : Indalo : Guardian Angel : Heart : Butterfly : Owl : Yin-Yang : Anchor (See photo and select in Options Box)

Description: The silver-plated choker wire necklace has an internal circumference of approx.40cm (16") and fastens with a hook, over the (removable) ball-clasp ending

Life Path / Zodiac jewellery . . for the life you were born to live

Life Path Number Calculator:
Entire Life Path Number is composed of your Birth Date number AND the resulting Life Path Number. For example: Birth Date: 31/08/1954 --> Birth Date Number : 3+1+0+8+1+9+5+4 = 31 So: simple/unique Life Path Number = 3+1 = 4 and so Entire Life Path Number would be 31/4. For aesthetic reasons our CAMINO Life Path Zodiac jewellery represents these numbers using coloured ceramic Mediterranean beads for the numerology code - with the colours taken from the natural spectrum of the universe (as can be seen in a full rainbow):

1:Red 2:Orange 3:Yellow 4:LimeGreen 5:AegeanGreen 6:LightBlue 7:RoyalBlue 8:Indigo/Heather 9:Violet/Purple 0:White . The spacer/separator is plated Sterling Silver

So, the Entire Life Path Number: 31/4 would be: Yellow . Red . Silver . LimeGreen

31/4: or 27/9: 27/9

Which Birthstone or Gemstone?
Aries: March 21-April 20 = Aquamarine (modern birthstone for March); Taurus: April 21-May 21 = Diamond crystal (modern birthstone for April); Gemini: May 22-June 21 = Emerald (modern birthstone for May); Cancer: June 22-July 22 = Pearl (modern birthstone for June); Leo: July 23-August 21 = Ruby (modern birthstone for July); Virgo: August 22-September 23 = Peridot (modern birthstone for August); Libra: September 24-October 23 = Lapis Lazuli (modern birthstone for September along with Sapphire); Scorpio: October 24-November 22 = Opal (modern birthstone for October); Sagittarius: November 23-December 22 = Citrine (modern birthstone for November along with Topaz); Capricorn: December 23-January 20 = Turquoise (modern birthstone for December); Aquarius: January 21-February 19 = Garnet (modern birthstone for January); Pisces: February 20-March 20 = Amethyst (modern birthstone for February)

More information about Life Path Number and Numerology jewellery

(See the excellent website for explanations / meanings of your Life Path Number)

More information about Zodiac Astrological star sign jewellery .

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