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. . a magical gift to help dreams come true

This moonstone and pearl jewellery set is a dazzling and magical piece. The necklace is comprised of a large moonstone drop surrounded by sumptuous pearls and a single gold-plated sterling-silver stardust heart - all hanging on a sterling-silver snake chain. The moonstone takes on a magical golden glow from the sweet little heart nestling beside it.

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Dimensions: The chain measures 18" long with a 1.5" extender finishing in a tiny pearl. The earrings are moonstone drops which measure approx 2.3" long including hooks.

A lovely jewellery piece for people with dreams and ambitions and an ideal gift to say "May those dreams come true" Combined with the heart, this would make a beautiful and meaningful present for a Valentine or Engagement, Mother's Day or as an Anniversary present. Comes gift-wrapped (with an information card) like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


MOONSTONE : The Dreamers gemstone
Moonstone is considered to be a sacred and magical gem-stone, with the power to bring about pleasant and beautiful dreams. With its ghostly glow, this feldspar gem is indeed magical. Presents made from moonstone are ideal for special events or occasions where a calm thoughtfulness is required. Also associated with the month of June.

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PEARLS offer the gift of honesty, purity, wisdom and integrity. The pearl has been a popular gem from ancient times as a symbol of peace and purity - lifting people's spirits and making them feel calm and dignified. A present given with pearls is perfect as an Engagement present. Pearl is also the Anniversary gem for the 3rd year of marriage.

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