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. . a lovely gift from Spain to wish calm and good fortune

This striking piece is a stunning example of Spanish ceramic art. It is made in the northeast of Spain, famous for its Mediterranean seafronts along the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, and of course for its culture and art. (Cataluña, or Catalonia was the birthplace of painter Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudi).

In many cultures, the Seahorse is known as a symbol of tranquility, contentment . . and good luck, and so this Mediterranean seahorse is ideal for passing on good luck wishes.

This lovely ceramic piece is intricately finished in the Catalan modernism style . . a form of architectural art seen typically in Barcelona's Parc Guell. Each piece is hand-painted in dazzling colours to produce a beautiful and uniquely-crafted figurine that would make a delightful present . . and a unique gift from Spain.

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Description: This Mediterranean Seahorse figurine measures approx 19.5cms (7.7ins) long by 9.5cms (3.7ins) at the widest point, and it has a hanging arrangement on the underside so that it can be wall mounted either in the home or office. The hand-painted, porcelain-like finish is simply stunning in its detail and is an intricate piece of Spanish ceramic art. Because each one is individually painted, each figurine is distinct and so no single one is exactly the same as another (so figures may differ slightly from the photos here).

To many, the Seahorse is a truly magical creature with many positive attributes. Despite its diminutive size, the Ancient Greeks thought it a manifestation of Poseidon, the God of the sea: It symbolic of patience and contentment, and is unperturbed by the commotion or hubbub around it. Many islanders, sailors and others who make a living by the stormy sea, consider the Seahorse a very lucky talisman.

This Spanish Seahorse figurine, would make a truly unique good luck gift for a friend or loved-one embarking on something new where patience and a positive attitude could help. Also good as a house warming / new home present, a retirement gift, or something to wish luck and success in goal achievement. (Or even for a person that just loves seahorses!) It is bound to be appreciated and attract admiring comments. Please Note: To preserve its fine features, it is best to keep this figurine indoors, or at least under-cover if outside.

Ships gift-wrapped in a stylish and substantial presentation box. If you wish, we can print a personal message on your behalf on a gift card and include it in the presentation box. We can also ship direct to your friends / loved-ones' address if you want. This is all INCLUDED in the price.

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