Tigers Eye BELIEVE necklace

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. . an ideal gift to promote clear thinking for a new start

This eye-catching necklace features a mixture of Tigers Eye and white beads interspersed with decorative silver-coloured drops at the front, hanging on a white cord.

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Detail: A silver-plated lobster clasp with 1.5" extender chain, finished with a tiny white bead, completes this unique necklace. Approx length 18" and features a small inspirational pewter charm bearing the word "BELIEVE"

The "believe" charm combined with the power of the Tiger's Eye gemstone, makes this an ideal gift to inspire people and wish them success. A special present with a powerful meaning and an ideal gift for those seeking a "new beginning" (for example, after a separation, staring a new job, or even moving house to somewhere completely new). Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents (with an information card) - and we can add a personal message on your behalf


TIGERS EYE - a gift for vision and clarity
TigerEye (or Tiger's Eye) is believed to promote clear-eyed vision and attentiveness. Because of this, wearers of this gemstone are believed to be more attuned with their surroundings and act more appropriately for a particular event.Many people wear this stone to bring them good luck when they need to strengthen their convictions, and to acquire courage and confidence (for example, in an Interview, to Meetings or on 1st Days).

Traditionally, Tiger's Eye has also been used as a gift between lovers to better tune in to one another. But also, if someone needs to make a change in their life, this is the stone to bring them the good luck to achieve it. It promotes balance and strength during life's difficult times. It relieves doubt and bestows decision making with vision and clarity. It helps people to be more practical.

More information about the good luck properties of Tigers Eye . .
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