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Tenemos una amplia variedad de regalos de la fe para los amigos y seres queridos que pueden pasar en sus bendiciones y los mejores deseos para las ocasiones religiosas, o para eventos y ceremonias cristianas. Los regalos incluyen artículos con el

* Símbolo cristiano de los pescados

* La concha de Vieira

* Cruz de Santiago

* La Vera Cruz – la Cruz de Caravaca

* Angeles

* Joyas de Lourdes

Tenemos dones de la fe, como joyas del Camino de Santiago, así como algunas joyas de gemas preciosas asociadas con la paz y la tranquilidad como la joya Moonstone – con un colgante de cruz.  

Hamsa Hand of Fatima necklace ~ 2-part, silver

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A gift for strength, protection and love

This pretty sterling-silver Hamsa Hand of Fatima pendant is accompanied by a Birthstone crystal in the shape of a heart. The Hamsa (or Hand of Fatima) is a palm-shaped amulet used in many societies and religions as a sign of protection - providing defense against the 'evil eye' and strengthening the vulnerable or weak.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Sterling silver chain included

:)- Optional information card about Hamsa Hand of Fatima (free)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Send your special friends wishes of love and protection with this striking and meaningful present. It is the ideal gift for any special event / occasion and to show someone that you really care, e.g. New beginnings, Travelling, starting Uni or even a Hospital visit.

Detail: The sterling-silver Hamsa Hand of Fatima is 28mm in length including the hanging ring, and sits with a heart made of birthstone crystal and sterling silver. Please choose birthstone colour in options box when ordering. If you want the crystal heart for a birthstone, choose GARNET for January; AMETHYST for February; AQUAMARINE for March; CLEAR (crystal) for April; EMERALD for May; ALEXANDRITE for June; SIAM (ruby) for July; PERIDOT for August; SAPPHIRE for September; ROSE (tourmaline) for October; TOPAZ (citrine) for November & ZIRCON for December. The 2-part necklace hangs on an 18" sterling silver rope chain.

Gift this Hamsa Hand of Fatima necklace (believed to promote strength and compassion) to inspire your friends and loved-ones and help them to be strong and fortunate in their life. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents (with an information card) - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Hamsa - Hand of Fatima amulet - jewellery charms

In reality, the "evil eye" has nothing to do with "evil". Instead, it means a look of envy - believed to be derived from an old Celtic word for desire and jealousy, and not a curse or malediction.


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